Explore the Engineering & Sustainability of the 2022 Mazda MX-30 EV

The First-Ever Fully Electric Compact Crossover SUV by Mazda

Mazda prepares for a new chapter in its history with the release of the 2022 MX-30 EV — the first-ever fully electric vehicle to be produced by the Japanese automotive manufacturer.

The upcoming debut of the electric SUV brings Mazda one step closer towards the company’s long-term goal of converting all of its vehicles from fuel to electric, environmentally sustainable models by 2030.

Branded as the “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030” policy, the company first publicized the ambitious plan back in 2007.

Since then, Mazda has made remarkable progress in pursuit of this mission, especially with the highly-anticipated premiere of the 2022 MX-30 EV.

As the most sustainable Mazda vehicle to date, the MX-30 EV and its plug-in electric hybrid version — the MX-30 PHEV, are both poised to be the perfect vehicles for the ecologically conscientious consumer.

Ceramic Metallic Mazda 2022 MX-30 EV Premium Plus trim driving on a city street flanked by brown brick buildings

The 2022 MX-30 EV: Designed with the Environment in Mind

The 2022 MX-30 EV is as environmentally sound in design as it is in engineering.

Within the all-electric SUV is a fusion of recycled inorganic and organic materials.

Comfortable black leatherette trimming is bonded with 100% recycled polyester (PET) interior paneling and door grips enveloped in pure textured cork.

Complementing the fully electrified Mazda model is a graceful exterior featuring both signature aspects of the brand’s mainstay body sculpt — referred to as Kodo and elements of a new design concept called Human Modern.

Human Modern is characterized by defined lines and accents crafted into an artful exterior.

Both the 2022 Mazda MX-30 EV and the PHEV edition forge the best of machine and man into a single work of art.

Experience the Power & Precision of an All-Electric Vehicle

The eco-friendly Mazda SUV and its hybrid counterpart can each derive the same level of power, precision, and efficiency as the conventional models.

Charged at full capacity, the MX-30 EV can get 100 miles per gallon-equivalent (mpge). As the average driver in the United States does not exceed 30 miles in a single day, the MX-30 EV surpasses the needs of consumers with ease.

Combined with a 143 horsepower (hp), e-Skyactiv® electric motor and powertrain that operate on a 35.5 kilowatt-hour (kWh) lithium-ion battery, the electrified Mazda model can effortlessly rival the performance of fuel-reliant vehicles.

Between the hybrid model and the two trim levels of the MX-30 EV — the base trim level and the Premium Plus, all of the vehicles are outfitted with premium i-Activsense® safety technology.

Driver-assistive features include Dynamic Stability Control with Traction Control System, which helps the MX-30 EV confront inclement conditions safely, and Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop and Go.

With an 8.8-inch full-color center display and a seven-inch touchscreen display, regulating the dynamics of the vehicle is accessible and within easy reach of the driver.

For ultimate comfort and entertainment, the 2022 MX-30 EV includes heated front seats, a cargo volume of 21 cubic feet (cu ft) that expands to 41 cu ft with all the rear seats folded down, in addition to an enhanced infotainment system with Bluetooth® and smartphone integration capabilities.

From the environmentally friendly styling to the expert engineering, the all-electric Mazda model has unlimited potential.

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