Mazda6: Safety Is Key

Mazda has made safety a key feature in all of its vehicles. The Mazda6, a popular sedan, is no exception. It is equipped with advanced stopping technology and systems to help the driver maintain control during difficult driving conditions.

When a tire locks up, it will lose traction. The anti-lock braking system helps prevent the lock out. Along with the electronic brake force distribution, which monitors the braking power to each tire, the braking systems allow better driver control.

To help lessen or prevent front-end collision, the Smart City Brake monitors for objects ahead. If an object is getting too close, the system slows or stops the vehicle. Sometimes during cornering, a tire will begin to skid. Mazda’s dynamic traction control systems monitor the stability, than control the power given to the skidding wheel to help maintain ground contact and maneuvering.

The Mazda6 has many more safety features and technology to help prevent accidents. To experience them yourself visit our showroom here at Ontario Mazda, and take a test drive today.



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