Motor Oil Myths

Have you ever been in an oil change shop and been told that you should get your vehicle's oil changed more often? Or have you been told that your oil looked discolored when it was being drained and you will need to have your vehicle serviced? Don't always believe what you hear even if it is from a professional. Many times, those mom and pop style shops will give you false advice in hopes of getting you to come in to their location more often. We here at Ontario Mazda want you to know the facts so let's take a look at some common motor oil myths:

  • Many 'professionals' will claim you can't make the switch from conventional oil to synthetic or vice versa. This isn't true at all. You can switch if you find the need.
  • Putting off oil changes won't make your vehicle more efficient just like having oil changes done more often won't do anything either.
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