Keep Your Tank Full This Winter

If you are looking for an easy way to keep your car free from repairs, at least some costly repairs, then simply keep the gas tank nice and full. This simple step will not only ensure that you will never run out of gas but that you will keep condensation in the tank to a minimum.

The less gas that you have, the more air, you will have to linger in your tank. Air carries condensation or water. Since water is heavier than gas, it will sink and make its way into your gas lines. If it is cold enough, this water will freeze and your car will not start. Not only is that inconvenient but it can be a costly fix.

Be sure to bring your vehicle to us here at Ontario Mazda so that we can get your vehicle all ready for the winter season. That's another good step to take in the greater Canandaigua, NY area!

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