Mazda6 Offers Safety and Control

The Mazda6 has no shortage of safety features. Its advanced stopping platforms and handling systems are only some of its highlights.

If a car has ever stopped unexpectedly in front of you, you know how quick you have to be. Sometimes hitting them is unavoidable, but with Mazda’s Smart City Brake Support, front-end collision can be avoided all together or at least the impact maybe lessened. The system is constantly sensing out in front of the car. If an object is detected, it will begin stopping. If the object is coming up fast, the system will apply the brakes hard and fast in an effort to stop in time.

If you have ever skidded around an icy corner, you know the panic of not being able to control the vehicle. Mazda’s traction control system senses the slipping and adjusts the power going from the engine to the skidding wheel.

The Mazda6 has many more safety features to assist the driver. To experience all of them today, visit our showroom here at Ontario Mazda, and take a test drive.




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