Ontario Mazda: What is SKYACTIV?

At Ontario Mazda, we get a lot of automotive questions from our great group of clients from in and around Canandaigua. One of the things we're asked the most is: What is Mazda's SKYACTIVE engine technology?

While it might sound complicated, the fact is that the concept behind SKYACTIV technology is really quite simple: efficiency in fuel consumption without a sacrifice of power or performance capability.

Mazda's SKYACTIV-G gasoline engine design produces more low/mid-range torque and fewer emissions while consuming less gasoline. So while Mazda engineers were already ahead of the game, they decided to take the concept of gasoline-engine efficiency even further.

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SKYACTIV systems don't just include engine diagnostics, but each Mazda's body as well. Through smarter engineering and materials, Mazda SKYACTIV vehicles improve body rigidity by for better handling with reduced overall curb weight to maximize efficiency —all while improving crash safety performance.

Stop by Ontario Mazda this week to explore our entire lineup of new and pre-owned Mazda sedans and crossovers and, and to learn how SKYACTIV technology can help you.

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