Traveling with Pets is Easier in a Large Vehicle

Traveling a long distance in the car with your pets isn’t the easiest thing to do, but taking a few simple steps before your trip will make a big difference.

When taking your pets on a long road trip, carry their vaccination records and make sure they are wearing updated collars complete with your phone number, address and veterinarian’s information. It’s important to have these items in case of an emergency or if your pet becomes lost. Make sure you have pet food, treats and drinking water available to your pet. Pets can be frightened by car trips, but packing their favorite blanket and toys will help to calm them.

If you often travel with your pets, consider purchasing a large SUV. You and your pet will be more comfortable if you are taking your trip in a large vehicle. Call a Ontario Mazda in Canandaigua to schedule a test drive.

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